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蔡玉娟 Yu-Chuan Tsai
蔡玉娟Yu-Chuan Tsai

世界疼痛醫學會台灣分會(WIP Taiwan)理事長
義大醫院疼痛治療中心 主任
義大癌治療醫院 副院長
台灣疼痛醫學會 常務理事




世界疼痛醫學會(以下簡稱WIP) 成立於1993年,是一個全球性的組織,旨在推廣21世紀疼痛醫學的最佳實踐。WIP的使命是彙集全球疼痛醫學領域最知名的專家,推動介入性疼痛實踐的推進和標準化。WIP通過贊助和認証疼痛醫師的教育和培訓計畫來履行其使命。經由其教育倡議包括WIP世界大會、區域專題討論會和介入性疼痛實地操作工作坊,WIP幫助促進專家之間就現有技術的有效性和促進治療效果的途徑建立共識。



The Development of Pain Medicine in Taiwan through the Establishment of WIP Taiwan Section  

The World Institute of Pain was founded in 1993 as a worldwide organization that aims to promote the best  practice of pain medicine for the 21st century.  WIP's    mission is to bring together the most recognized experts in the field of pain medicine throughout the world for the advancement and standardization of interventional   pain practice and the achievement of improved standards of care for pain patients. WIP fulfills its mission through sponsorship and endorsement of educational and training programs for pain physicians. These programs are aimed at facilitating the development of practice guidelines and standards of examining and assessing competency in     physicians who specialize in interventional pain practice. Through educational initiatives, including WIP World Congresses, regional symposia, and practical  workshops on interventional pain practice, WIP helps promote consensus building among experts on the effectiveness of existing techniques and avenues for advancement of   therapeutic performances.
In 2001 and 2014, WIP began to implement the certification exams for fellow interventional pain physicians (FIPP) and certified interventional pain sonologist (CIPS) respectively. Until now, the physicians have participated certification in 59 countries. In 2016, WIP commissioned National Taiwan University, College of Medicine  and Taiwan Pain Society to initiate interventional pain   symposium, workshop and FIPP/CIPS exams (SWE) in Taipei, where is the development base for WIP in asian region. Two  SWEs have been successfully held in 2019 and 2020. The Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan approved the establishment of the official WIP Taiwan Section in March 2020. In addition to promoting and participating in WIP activities, the task of the new-born society is to make pain experts in Taiwan to participate in the international society to interact with international pain experts, which will affect the development of pain medicine in Taiwan with great impact.