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COVID-19 全球洗禮,帶給臺灣醫衛之反思




The Global Baptism by COVID-19 Brings Reflections on Healthcare System in Taiwan

The COVID-19 pneumonia has infected nearly 25 million people worldwide and caused with more than 830,000 deaths among 187 countries since the end of last year.

Under the impact of pandemics, the confirmed COVID-19 infections is lower than 500 with 7 death cases in Taiwan. The result of pandemics prevention is universally appreciated. There are several important factors for Taiwan's success: (1) The task from SARS 17 years ago, the complete transformed pandemic prevention system and organization including the software, hardware and personnel training of the command center, (2) The national health insurance system has continuously improved for 25 years. All staff are deeply involved, (3) Open pandemic information gaining the trust of the people, (4) Cooperation of personal and community in epidemic prevention, (5) Inter-ministerial cooperation, coordination between central and local governments. 
Since the pandemics may last for two years in the future, it is hoped that three key technologies of vaccines, drugs and rapid screening can be successful. To overcome Taiwan health care system must conduct a self-examination and reflection including international integration, economic development and post-COVID life style.
The future focus is on (1) personal lifestyle for epidemic prevention, (2) rapid screening combined with home and centralized quarantine to shorten the quarantine time and reduce the social burden caused by excessive pandemics prevention, (3) hierarchy of health care, reduce the stress of healthcare providers, preserve sufficient medical capacity, integrate pandemics prevention and keep unaffected medical customs.
In the face of the future pandemic development, there will be unchanged basic prevention, as well as modified managements and models. We look forward to all healthcare providers, scholars, experts and all citizens working together to pass through the impact of COVID-19 pandemics.